Damascus chef knives & boning knives

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March 2023

Boning knife

For his latest batch James has taken inspiration from the Japanese Hankotsu knife, tough, thick spined knives, traditionally used for hanging butchery. We have tweaked the profile, added a forged integral bolster and a splash of colour to the handle.

These blades have been forged from our new core steel, an alloy made to our specific requirements and built up from the purest commercially available iron in the world. This hard, find gained steel has been heat treated to hold a great edge but will be tough enough for heavy cutting around bones. For handles James has chosen to use micarta, a composite of cotton cloth and resin. This is is an incredibly hardwearing material that remains grippy when wet and is easy to clean, something which is vital in a butchery setting.

These blades are designed to be held in various grips – it works well in either a conventional cutting style or Dagger style, with your thumb on the butt of the handle to prevent you hand sliding forwards. Although these blades are designed for tasks more likely to be required in a professional butchery, they are also well suited to smaller work such as jointing a chicken or French Trimming a rack of ribs.

*Blade – Mild clad, Blenheim Black core
*Handle – Black, blue or yellow micarta
*Blade length – 90mm
*Overall length – 225mm
*Blade depth – 25mm
*Thickness at the handle – 4.5mm
*Blade weight – 200g