August Special Edition 2022

Puukko Knives

Guillaume and Dan share a passion for the wilderness and adventure so it didn’t take long for them to choose a Puukko as their first special edition. The iconic Finnish Puukko knife is perfect for bushcraft and the great outdoors, an essential for woodworking and preparing food at home or in the wild. Many of the traditional materials and methods have been implemented with this blade along with a few contemporary design choices to allow for the Blenheim Forge aesthetic.

The Puukko knife has a combination of tough steel and pure nickel cladding with a fine grained high carbon steel core. The use of tight rounded dies during the forging process has left the upper part of the blade with a ridged forged texture, something we think pairs rather nicely with the stacked handles on these knives. As we were keen to make these knives as robust as possible, the spines have been left thick and they feature a sturdy “Scandi” grind. This style of grind, commonly found on Scandinavian outdoor knives, gives the blade great edge retention whilst also meaning they are very easy to re-sharpen with minimal equipment.

We have used a traditional through tang construction to connect the blades to their handles- a method used by generations of Puukko Bladesmiths. This means that the tang passes through the entire length of the handle with the end being carefully peened over using a hand hammer to create an extremely strong, rivet style joint.

The handles are made from cross cut bog oak or tightly stacked birch bark both are finished with bronze end caps. Using bark as a handle material is a first for us and we are very pleased with the results. Birch bark is a by-product of the timber industry so it is great to be able to put it to use. Through a process of carefully stacking, gluing and pressing together Dan has transformed a pile of rough strips of bark into a hardwearing, easy to grip and beautifully undulating material. The Bog Oak option utilises our tried and tested method of slicing 5000 year old bog oak, sourced from the Cambridgeshire fens, across the grain. This exposes the growth rings of this ancient material and shows how the minerals which have preserved this timber for so long have stained the Oak in a gradient from black to chocolatey brown.

*Blade length – 100mm
*Overall length – approx. 200mm
*Blade depth – 25mm

*Blade – San Mai combination of mild steel, pure nickel and high carbon steel
*Handle – Stacked birch bark with bronze ferrule and bolster or Stabilised cross grain Bog Oak with bronze ferrule and bolster