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Stainless Clad

Stainless Clad

The best of both worlds. Carbon steel edge performance with the ease of maintenance of stainless steel. The steel for this range is made to our spec by Takefu Steel mill in Echizen Japan. It is a laminate of Hitachi Blue Super, a steel loved by chefs and bladesmiths around the world, sandwiched by a layer of stainless steel on either side to provide a corrosion resistant outer jacket. This material is then carefully hand-forged and ground by us to an exceptionally hard and fine edge. The upper part of these blades is left with a black “forged finish” that is paired with a dark Fumed Oak handle and a brass ferrule. As with our Classic Range, we have designed four kitchen knives which are versatile as stand alone blades but compliment each other to form a great set if bought together.

Stainless Clad Kit

Fumed Oak Handle

Brass Ferrule

San Mai Blue
Super Core Folded
Iron Cladding


Introducing our Stainless Clad Knife Range