Mega Set


This set, which marked our 7th year of bladesmithing, is the culmination of our combined skills and knowledge. 
Each member of our team tackled a different aspect of the process. Richard has specialised in single bevel blades and naturally took on the traditional Japanese fish and sushi knives. James, being an avid carnivore gravitated towards the meat and butchery section, tapped into his silversmithing heritage to produce the sterling silver ferrules on these handles. Jon, who gets his kicks from pattern welding steel, designed and planned the nickel damascus cladding on all the blades and took on the general purpose knives.
*Handles – 5500 year old bog oak, Sterling Sliver
*Core steel – Blue paper (Aogami) Super
*Cladding – Pure Nickel, mild steel and 1095 carbon steel
The carrying case, lovingly hand stitched by a local leather worker Harry Owen, required the full hide from 2 cows and waxed canvas from Halley Stevenson’s of Dundee.

Watch the making of the Mega Set. Film made by Gareth Sambidge.

Mega Set (2018)

The very first Mega Set was shown by Blenheim Forge at the London Design Fair in September 2018, where a number of collectors and enthusiasts showed an interest in purchasing the one-off collectable. Today, this Mega Set is on display at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant Lucky Cat, where you can also find additional custom pieces at the entrance of the restaurant.