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Both Classic and Stainless Clad Range blades are entirely hand forged and tempered to a high hardness resulting in an enhanced cutting ability with great edge retention.

The Classic Range knives are forged from a Japanese Blue Paper Steel core with Folded Iron cladding. These knives are made from carbon steel, which provides a very fine edge that sharpens easily. The Classic range blades are all left with a beautifully textured forge finish, and the handles are made from English Walnut with a solid copper ferrule.

The Stainless Clad range blades have a Japanese Blue Paper Super Steel core with a stainless steel cladding and forged finish. These blades are hand forged with a similar high-performance Japanese steel to our Classic Range but are easier to maintain because of a stainless cladding on the outside, making the majority of the blade resistant to corrosion. The Stainless Range handles are made of Fumed Oak with a solid brass ferrule.