December Special Editions 2021

Cocktail Set

We love our Carbon Steel knives, but there are some tasks where a stainless blade is simply a better choice. These fully stainless blades are designed to handle citrus ingredients all day long but are also intended for general off board work in your kitchen or even to go with your cheese platter. The blades are forged from a Swedish high carbon stainless steel and we’re particularly pleased with the contrast between the forged texture on the backs and the high-grit hand-sanded finish on the bevels.    

The muddlers come in Jon’s favourite finish, the traditional Japanese ‘shou sugi ban’– which involves charring the wood to protect and seal it. 

The cocktail spoons were hand forged individually with alternating twists by our resident young knife maker Hugo @hugobyrneknives who apart from his talents as a creative blacksmith is also a certified instructor at a school for bartending. 

The kit comes in a handcrafted waxed canvas roll by @taliadesignermaker. The material is durable and water repellent, and also takes on a great patina as it ages with use and handling.

Bar Knife
*Blade length – 130mm
*Overall length – 255mm
*Blade depth – 35mm
*Blade – Sandvik Stainless Steel
*Handle – Fumed Oak and Brass ferrule

Stirring Spoon
*Length – 300mm
*Material – Forged stainless steel

*Length – 215mm
*Material – Charred Ash
Handmade Knife Roll
*Waxed canvas and veg tan leather, brass fittings