December Special Editions 2023

Steak Knives

These blades feature Jon’s unique Copper and mild steel cladding with a robust carbon steel core. The forged texture on both the blade and handle mirror the distortions in the copper and nickel lines. The full copper handle is cold forged onto the tang before being patinated, this is designed to evolve over time. As you use the knife, the matte black patina will wear off the high spots, revealing a lustrous copper pattern.
With a substantial spine and a rough forged texture on the blade’s back, these knives feature a flat grind for a razor-sharp edge. The weighty, comfortable handles and plain edge, chosen over serrations, ensure a clean, smooth cut of steak, as well as versatility for kitchen tasks. The knives are easy to re-sharpen, promising enduring performance.
These blades are made to last for many years and age gracefully, the blades develop a dark patina, while the handles gain polish with use. Each set is presented and stored in a handmade box carved from a solid block of Ash before being repeatedly charred, brushed and oiled to bring out the texture of the grain. 

*Blade length – 125mm
*Overall length – 230mm
*Blade thickness – 3mm at the stamp

*Set of Two: 85mm x 270mm

*Set of Four: 150mm x 270mm

*Blade – Copper San Mai
*Handle – Patinated Copper

*Set of 2 – £420
*Set of 4 – £780
*Individual blade – £220

Carving Set

We want our carving sets to not only look spectacular but also to be excellent in practical use. The blade should be flexible, well-balanced, and have a fine tip.

This year, James and Rich have hammered out a very limited run of these knives and forks. The blades are forged from our own extremely pure, high-carbon core steel and clad with a springy and intricately patterned layer made from a combination of medium-carbon steel and pure nickel.

The forks also feature the same layering of nickel and spring steel running down the tines.

For the handles, we’ve kept things super simple, finishing both the knife and fork with dense-grained, 5000-year-old Bog Oak. These handles are securely fastened in place by fine stainless pins.

Each set comes with a leather case made by local leather worker Harry Owen.

*Blade length – 255mm
*Overall length – 400mm
*Blade thickness at the spine- 5mm tapering to 1.5

*Blade – Blenheim Black clad with Pure Nickel and springy carbon steel.
*Handle – Bog Oak, stainless pin

*Carving Set – £920