February Special Editions 2024

Chinese style Cleaver


As is tradition, James has started the year by forging a fresh batch of Chinese-style cleavers. These thin blades are always a challenging project, and this year he has made it even more challenging by adding a subtly forged and ground concave to the upper face of the blade. This feature makes these large blades exceptionally light and helps them sail through food with very little resistance.

These blades are made of roughly 160 layers of different metals, with a hard core of our house special, Blenheim Black, clad with around 80 layers of springy carbon steel and pure nickel on either side.

These versatile, general-purpose knives feature a handle made from 5500-year-old Bog Oak with a ferrule of heavily etched Wrought Iron.

Chinese-style cleavers are designed to be versatile choppers, perfect for preparing vegetables. The large flat blades make them ideal for fast downward chopping, and they are great for scooping ingredients off the board and into the pan.

The knife comes with an optional leather sheath made by Owen Leather.

*Blade length – 200mm
*Overall length – 325mm
*Blade depth – 80mm
*Blade thickness – 6mm at handle tapering to 2mm

*Blade – Blenheim Black clad with mild steel and pure nickel
*Handle – Bog Oak and antique Wrought Iron

*Blade – £760
*Leather sheath – £75

Paring Knives

This tiny paring knife is forged from a single piece, featuring an all-metal handle designed for off-board work. The blade has a pleasing weight to it, and a slim handle ensures an easy grip, making it perfect for peeling. The blade geometry is well-suited for various small tasks around the kitchen, including opening packaging, sharpening a pencil, and, of course, excelling in off-board work, shaping, trimming, and peeling vegetables with control and precision.

The forging process for the paring knife differs slightly from the rest of the blades in Ricardo’s Set of 5. The same closed-die forging technique is used to shape the handle. Instead of fitting a wooden blank, the steel handle is ground to its final shape. The hourglass cross-section of the handle minimizes its weight while maintaining chunky surfaces in contact with your hand, ensuring a comfortable grip.

*Blade length – 85mm
*Overall length – 165mm
*Blade thickness – 2.5mm at the handle

*Blade & handle – Blenheim Black clad with mild steel and pure nickel