July Special Editions 2021


Rich has made a few batches of Honesukis in recent years. This one has been made a bit more compact with a shorter blade to create an unusually strong, yet nimble knife. The blades are hand forged from blue paper steel with mild steel and nickel cladding. Richard has carefully forged an extreme taper into the length of these blades leaving the upper surface of the knife unground with a forged finish.

The sturdy blade tapers from 5mm over the heel down to a fine point. This thickness, paired with a robust, convex grind gives these knives an edge strong enough to cut through bone and cartilage during butchery tasks. The finer, narrow tip adds an extra layer of versatility to this knife and is perfect for more intricate tasks such as jointing or boning poultry.

The handle, made from machined copper and rippled brown oak, is a smidge larger than our usual design to provide a firm hold in a variety of different grips.

*Blade length – 120mm
*Overall length – 240mm
*Blade thickness at the handle – 5mm
*Blade Depth – 40mm

*Blade – Mild Steel clad, Blue Paper steel
*Handle – Rippled Brown Oak and Copper