July Special Editions 2023

Damascus Slicer

Following the XL Nakiri, this month we are releasing the third blade of Jon’s year long project set – the Slicer. A long and narrow blade, great for preparing meat and fish or carving at the table. A significant taper is forged into the length of the blade and the grind is noticeably convex. This geometry lends itself well to filleting and light butchery, while the curved tip is great for getting in and around the bone when serving up. These Slicers will come in Jon’s oscillating crushed “W” pattern with an end grain stacked handle and a matching Damascus steel ferrule and end cap.

*Blade length – 255mm
*Overall length – 385mm
*Blade thickness at the spine- 4mm
*Blade Depth – 38mm

*Blade – 1095 & 15n20
*Handle – Fumed oak and Damascus ferrule

Western style Chef Knife

Our latest take on the classic Western style Chef Knife. These general purpose Chef Knives are based on a traditional European design and have a little more curve to the edge than our usual profiles. This makes them well suited to people who prefer a rocking rather than chopping cutting style.

This limited run of blades have been forged from our tried and tested stainless clad Japanese Aogami super and have been carefully ground with slightly heavier convex bevels. The result, an easy to maintain blade with a razor sharp, long lasting edge. The perfect blade for a busy shift in a commercial kitchen or as your go to knife at home. Super versatile and with a carefully shaped handle for comfort in a variety of different grips.

For the handles, we’ve tracked down some beautifully figured Walnut root. Usually used for gunstocks, this timber is hard wearing and has taken a beautifully smooth finish with the full tang design adding a little extra weight.

*Blade length – 200mm
*Overall length – 320mm
*Blade thickness at the handle – 3mm
*Blade Depth – 55mm

*Handle – Stabilised Walnut burl
*Blade – Stainless clad Aogami Super