June Special Editions 2024

Debas and Filleting Knives will be available for purchase on this page today, June 4 at 5pm BST.

This month, we have been working on very two different knives, each designed for filleting and preparing fish. Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese fish knives, our Double Bevel Deba features robust, slightly convex bevels that effortlessly glide between the flesh and bone without catching. Its thick spine provides the weight and strength needed to cut through bones and break down crustaceans. 

On the other hand, James’ Filleting Knives offer a different approach. These knives feature very thin, flexible blades that effortlessly navigate along fillets. The blades springiness is particularly useful for tasks like removing skin from fillets or bending against the board to follow the curve of the ribs.


Double Bevel Deba

For the next of this year’s Classic Range Editions, we have forged a small run of Double Bevel Debas. These blades feature robust, convex grinds and are finished with our tried and tested Walnut and Copper handles; a Blenheim take on a Japanese classic.

Deba knives are used all over Japan as the go-to knife for filleting fish. Traditionally, they are single-bevelled blades, meaning they are only ground on one side and require specialist sharpening. We, however, prefer to grind ours symmetrically as it adds a little more versatility and makes them much easier to maintain at home.

The leather sheaths are carefully handmade from hard-wearing, through dyed, veg tanned leather that will age beautifully over time. They feature welted seams all the way around for maximum durability and have a light brown finish with a copper pin to match the rest of the Classic Range.

*Blade length – 155mm
*Overall length – 285mm
*Blade thickness at the spine – 4mm tapering to 2mm
*Blade Depth – 55mm

*Blade –  Aogami 2 clad with Folded Iron
*Handle – English Walnut and Solid Copper

*Double Bevel Deba – £280
*Leather sheath – £55

Filleting Knife

These blades have been forged from our house steel, Blenheim Black, clad with a springy mix of medium Carbon Steel and Pure Nickel. This mix of steels, combined with the heavy forged tapers and thin final thickness, results in a springy blade that can be flexed hard against the board without the risk of deformation or snapping.

For the handles, we’ve used some tightly Rippled Maple that has been stabilised to protect it from moisture and make it easier to keep clean. This is riveted onto a heavily tapered full tang giving it strength whilst maintaining the balance. 

*Blade length – 200mm
*Overall length – 320mm
*Blade thickness at the spine -3.5mm tapering to 1mm  
*Blade Depth – 35mm

*Blade – Blenheim Black clad with Pure Nickle and medium carbon steel
*Handle – Rippled Maple

*Filleting Knife – £390

Debas and Filleting Knives will be available for purchase on this page today, June 4 at 5pm BST.