November Special Editions 2023

Damascus Carving Set

A show stopper carving knife and matching fork. This set is made for carving at the table on that special occasion, without shying away from hard work in the kitchen. The long narrow blade features a fine curved tip for the more fiddly elements of carving and the forged taper gives the right balance of firmness and spring.

Over the past year the forging team has been hard at work, developing their tooling and experimenting with many different steel combinations and folding techniques. We really wanted this year’s carving set to reflect this. Both the blades and the forks are forged from intricately patterned Damascus Steel with a beautiful wood like pattern running through the steel. To create these tools, two different types of Swedish high carbon steel have been repeatedly folded together until there is over 120 alternating layers of steel. Then, after a long process of grinding, careful polishing and etching, the different layers of steel are exposed- flowing from the forged bolsters down the length of both implements.

The handles are made from ancient Oak that has been seasoning in a bog for over 5000 years. This specific Bog Oak rose out of the ground in a farmers field in East Anglia a couple of years ago. It is one of the densest and hardest wearing timbers you can get in the UK.

To help keep these tools safe for many years to come the set is housed in a leather pouch and sheaths from leather worker Harry Owen. Made with Italian full grain leather, which has been tumbled to show off the hide’s natural texture and characteristics. No metal hardware, just a simple elegant wrap and tuck closure.

*Blade length – 270mm
*Overall length – 390mm
*Blade depth – 35mm
*Thickness at the handle – 4mm

*Blade – 15n20 and 1095 steel
*Fork – 15n20 and 1095 steel
*Handle – Bog Oak