October Special Editions 2023

Folding Knife

We’re back with our second run of these handy little pocket choppers. When we set out to design these knives, our goal was to create a small, versatile tool that can easily fit into your pocket or bag. These robust and easy-to-operate little knives rely on a unique forged tang design, which helps keep the blade open during use and directs any force away from the pivot pin and into the handle. The size and super simple, non-locking, ‘friction folder’ design make them UK street legal (and therefore also legal in practically every other part of the world)!

We’ve forged these knives from small offcuts of our precious stainless-clad Aogami Super steel. This combination offers the best of both worlds: carbon steel for cutting performance and sharpenability, with layers of stainless steel on each side for ease of maintenance. They are ground in the ‘Scandi’ style, which means they have short, flat bevels that taper to almost nothing before a micro bevel is applied. This style of grind is not only very strong but also quick and easy to sharpen.

For the handles, we’ve used two different types of timber: beautifully figured wild Ash and an exceptionally hard, dense mystery wood that our next-door neighbour discovered in a river.

*Blade length – 60mm
*Overall length – 150mm
*Blade thickness – 2.8mm
*Blade Depth – 19mm

*Blade – Blue Paper Super with Stainless cladding
*Handle – Ash or salvaged wood


Oyster Knife

The latest iteration of our trusty shucking knives.

When designing these tools, Ricardo set out to create a simple but effective blade that can meet the demands of commercial use. Oyster knives come in many forms but Ricardo has opted for the longer, thinner continental style blade which can be inserted in the hinge or the side of the oyster using precision and accuracy rather than force to open them up. He kept enough thickness in the steel to make this a robust blade, forging the taper in with a ball peen hammer to give the textured finish. 

This time we’ve forged the shuckers from stainless steel and stainless steel Damascus, our first time working with Stainless Damascus. We procured a small quantity of this extra fancy material at Blade Show which is a knife convention that takes place in the United States. This Stainless Damascus steel is produced using the traditional fire-welding process using two high performance steels. The blades are hand polished to a very fine grit and etched to reveal the unique pattern. 

We’ve been setting aside some timber for this project, using up pieces that are often too small for our usual knife handles but too beautiful to waste. The Shuckers will be available finished with Flamed Beech, Walnut or Bog Oak.

Each knife comes with the option of a handmade leather sheath by local leatherworker Owen Leather.

*Blade length – 66mm
*Overall length – 150mm
*Blade thickness at the handle – 3mm
*Blade Depth – 15mm

*Blade – Stainless High Carbon Steel (14C28N) or Stainless Damascus
*Handle – Walnut, Bog Oak or Beech