Ricardo’s Set of 5 2024

Ricardo's set of 5

Introducing the 2024 special collection of knives. The set has evolved around the diamond integral bolster that Ricardo recently developed. Using our largest hammer and a closed-die forging technique, we create a unique, crisp transition between the blade and handle.

This unusual detail offers a comfortable pinch grip and serves as the focal point in the design. From the bolster, the blades are forged out using a fullering or rounded die to create a subtle, natural texture across the blade. This texture provides excellent food release, as the uneven surface reduces contact with food, allowing it to fall away from the blade effortlessly.

The blackened finish of the blade is achieved through careful management of temperature and atmospheric conditions during the heat treatment process. This stealthy look offers a durable finish that provides brilliant corrosion resistance and easy maintenance.

The handle is shaped with a hexagonal cross-section, following the contours of the blade and bolster. The seamless transition between the timber and steel completes the design, offering a comfortable and positive grip.

The materials used in this special project are consistent across each blade. The handles are made from 5000-year-old Bog Oak sourced from the Fenlands of East Anglia. The blade is laminated in-house using a traditional Japanese three-layer construction: soft iron cladding with a thin layer of nickel protecting the Blenheim Black core, providing the cutting edge. Blenheim Black is a special alloy made specifically for us, with a composition similar to the legendary Aogami super, allowing easy sharpening to a razor edge with great edge retention and wear resistance.

The five-piece set, designed to cover all bases in the kitchen, will be released over the coming year. If you buy the first tiny paring knife, you will get first dibs on the rest of the blades, enabling you to build a set over the year.

The lineup for the set is as follows:

Paring Knife (85mm): This tiny paring knife is forged from a single piece, utilizing an all-metal handle designed for off-board work. The blade has a nice weight to it, and a slim handle for an easy grip makes it a perfect peeler. The blade geometry lends itself well to all the small tasks around the kitchen, from opening packaging and sharpening a pencil to off-board work, shaping, trimming, and peeling vegetables with control and precision.

Chef Knife (210mm): This Chef Knife is a great all-rounder, able to tackle the majority of kitchen tasks. The blade has a reassuring weight but is fine enough to glide through ingredients. The textured finish on the blade provides excellent food release, making this knife a pleasure to use. The edge is curved towards the tip, allowing the blade to be used in a rocking motion as well as for push-cutting.

Honesuki (150mm): The Honesuki is specifically designed for breaking down poultry but is versatile for other butchery tasks. The sturdy blade tapers from 6mm over the heel down to a fine point. This thickness, paired with a robust, convex grind, gives these knives an edge strong enough to cut through bone and cartilage during butchery tasks. The finer, narrow tip adds an extra layer of versatility to this knife and is perfect for more intricate tasks.

XL Nakiri (190mm): This blade is the veg workhorse, making veg prep fun and fast. This larger-than-usual Nakiri has a nice bit of weight behind it but is thin enough to provide very low cutting resistance. The textured blade provides brilliant food release, making this blade a joy to use. Designed for a push-cut technique paired with a large chopping board, you can fly through your veg prep, scooping up and transferring ingredients easily.

Slicer (260mm): The final blade of the set is a real showpiece for table making light work of any carving tasks. In the kitchen, the long blade excels in all slicing tasks, especially preparing meat and fish. The steel combination allows for a razor-sharp edge, which is essential when cutting raw fish and other proteins.

Forged carbon steel knife set