September Special Editions 2022

Double bevel deba

One his favourite blades to forge and use, Jimmy has made a small batch of Double Bevel Debas every year for almost a third of his life. This latest run comes in two different sizes- tiny, the smallest we’ve ever made, and regular- perfect for any medium to large fish you may find swimming around these waters.

The blades have a thick spine, with strong convex grinds, making them ideal for gutting and filleting round fish. The strong heel and fine tip of the blades mean they are also great for preparing shellfish and jointing poultry or other light butchery tasks. James has taken a lot of care in the forging of this batch of knives and both size blades feature very gentle concaves in the upper parts of the blade, helping them glide though food and prevent sticking. Our sharpener Menelik has also done a great job applying a stone finish to the bevels- this involves using progressively finer whetstones to carefully fine tune the geometry of the grinds and bring out the contrast between the hard core steel and its soft cladding.

For the handles, we have used a combination of Bog Oak and Wrought Iron. Wrought Iron is a historic version of mild steel and is composed of multiple layers of Iron and glassy slag. James has applied a heavy acid etch treatment to the surface of the metal bringing out this wood-like grain.


*Blade length – 160mm
*Overall length – 295mm
*Blade thickness – 5mm
*Blade Depth – 55mm

*Blade length – 85mm
*Overall length – 195mm
*Blade thickness – 3.5mm
*Blade Depth – 35mm

*Blade – Mild Steel, High Carbon Steel, Pure Nickel
*Handle – Bog Oak, Antique Wrought Iron