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hand forged chef knives
of the highest character
and performance

Our core range kitchen knives

A selection of favourites
from our classic and stainless clad ranges


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Nakiri Stainless Clad

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We’ve spent many years fine-tuning our hand-forging process in order to create knives of the highest character and performance that are loved by world-class chefs and cooking-enthusiasts alike.

Whilst heavily inspired by Japanese knife making traditions, current advances in metallurgy and production also drive our designs, processes and materials.

An understated design focused on functionality and versatility

Learn the art

Knife Sharpening Classes

Your knife is only as good as your sharpening skills. On this course we’ll explain the importance of different whetstones and teach the basic technique to get a razor sharp edge on any blade using Japanese whetstones.

We’ll advise on how to maintain the knives after they’ve been sharpened, show you around the workshop and explain a bit about the knife making process.

Tim Hayward, Author of 'Knife'

A good knife will transform the way you cook