June Special Editions 2023

Campers Companion Set

Introducing the first Blenheim Forge Campers Companion Set. We’ve put in a lot of effort over the past few months to create a collection of knives that are perfect for your wilderness adventures. Whether you’re building a camp, cooking a meal, or crafting tools in the woods, this set has you covered.

The design of these knives is heavily inspired by the gardening tools and hunting knives that we saw being forged in Tsubame Sanjo, Japan. We loved the simple but very durable junction between the blades and the handles of these traditional tools. The tapered tang of the knife is driven into a slot and locked in place by a bronze ring and a pair of carefully peened rivets. This joint requires no glue and is incredibly strong.

We’ve turned to our tried and tested Nickel Damascus cladding for this edition and sandwiched it around a layer of our new proprietary steel – Blenheim Black. Blenheim Black is a steel we had made specially for us to our exact specifications – it is one of the purest tungsten alloyed carbon steels ever made, a hard, fine-grained steel that will hold an incredible edge for a very long time.

To complement the blades we’ve crafted handles from dense and beautifully grained Brown Oak. Brown Oak is not a distinct species, but rather English Oak infected by the Beefsteak fungus, which imparts a darker and richer timber. We’ve also collaborated with a local foundry to create bronze collars that lock the entire handle together.

This set includes 3 blades:

Folding knife – Our goal was to create a small, sturdy blade that you can conveniently carry in your pocket or backpack. While it may not be suitable for breaking down large animals or carving canoe paddles, it excels at practically everything else!
*Blade length – 60mm
*Overall length – 155mm
*Blade Depth – 20mm
*Blade thickness at the handle – 3.5mm

The Camp Knife – Loosely based on the South American Gaucho knife, this versatile blade is perfect for preparing meals around a campfire. Its robust grind also makes it great for whittling sticks or assisting with light butchery tasks.
*Blade length – 125mm
*Overall length – 245mm
*Blade Depth – 33mm
*Blade thickness at the handle – 5mm

Hatchet – This knife fills any gaps left behind by its two companions. While you could certainly chop down a tree if you felt like it, it’s also excellent for splitting kindling, clearing scrub, or tackling heavier butchery work.
*Blade length – 170mm
*Overall length – 330mm
*Blade Depth – 55mm
*Blade thickness at the handle – 6.5mm

Each set comes with a hand crafted case by local leatherworker Owen Leather. Made with un-dyed Spanish vegetable tanned shoulders and extra thick Italian bridle butts for the welts. The sheath is assembled with hand peened solid brass saddlers rivets and will fit on any 1 1/2” wide belt. The pocket knife sleeve is hand sewn with a weather resistant NOS vintage Irish linen thread made by Henry Cambell & Co LTD. There is a light protective wax on the sheath but this rugged leather with a raw edged finish will quickly develop a rich patina with use, soaking up the oils and dirt from your hands. If you’re planning a camping trip and will be exposing it to the elements for an extended period we’d suggest applying a layer of leather balm with a soft cloth.

*Optional belt is raw edge 4mm thick Italian bridle butts, British solid cast roller buckle and hand peened solid brass saddlers rivets to match the belt sheath. Please get in touch via email info@blenheimforge.co.uk if you’re interested in the belt.

*Blades – Nickel Damascus clad, Blenheim Black core
*Handles – Brown Oak and bronze