March Special Editions 2024 

Bread Knives will be available for purchase on this page today, 5th of March at 5pm GMT.

Bread Knife

One of our most popular editions, the Blenheim Forge bread knife.

This year we have redesigned the profile and geometry of the blade going bigger, better and bolder. The blade is wider than your average bread knife, with a sweeping arc to the profile, and large edge serrations ground at an aggressive angle.

These are the only serrated knives we make, this year featuring a lovely rippled  Sycamore  and Bog Oak handle, and will come with a matching, hand-crafted bread board.
This is a fairly long and very robust blade with wide serrations and almost no flex. 

For the steel the obvious choice was a high carbon Swedish spring steel. This material was developed for use in industrial cutting tools ⁠and bandsaw blades, making it perfect for a robust serrated edge. During the forging Jon was trying for a cohesive aesthetic, with undulations and hairpin turns in the Damascus that echo the teeth and gullets on the scalloped edge. The rippled grain of the handle too was selected to complement this look.  

 Every Damascus or XL Bread Knife comes with a matching bread board made by Rachel from Elston Furniture. Made from Sycamore and fumed Oak to match the handle of the knife, the board construction uses a very traditional joint, aptly named a ‘breadboard end’. ⁠This technique allows the wood to expand and contract over time without splitting, with the fumed oak ends holding the board flat, whilst rippled Sycamore ‘drawbores’ hold the joint together under tension. ⁠

Bread Knife Dimensions
*Blade length – 250mm
*Overall length – 390mm
*Blade thickness at the spine – 3mm
*Blade Depth – 38mm

Bread Sword Dimensions
*Blade length – 330mm
*Overall length – 500mm
*Blade thickness at the spine – 3mm
*Blade Depth – 40mm

*Damascus Bread Knife – Different high carbon steels in varying densities
*Mono steel Bread Knife – Swedish high carbon steel
*Handle –  Rippled Sycamore, Bog Oak
*Bread board – Rippled Sycamore and Fumed Oak

*Mono steel Bread Knife – £400
*Damascus Bread Knife – £640 (Inc.bread board)
*XL mono steel Bread Knife –  £680 (Inc.bread board)
*XL Damascus Bread Knife – £780 (*Inc.bread board) 

Bread Knives will be available for purchase on this page today, 5th of March at 5pm GMT.