November Special Editions 2023

Damascus Petty, Cocktail Set and Leather Roll will be available to purchase here today at 5pm GMT

Cocktail Set

Ricardo’s inspiration for the cocktail blade stems from his previous diamond integral bolster project. The streamlined single material blade and handle is a follow-on design utilising the same transition shape between bolster and blade.

We wanted these blades to be perfect for working at a bar or on the side at a party. They needed to be sharp, nimble, and easy to clean and maintain. This batch of blades is forged from UK made high carbon stainless steels – ideal for chopping up citrus fruit, zesting, and peeling. 

The Tools
The light, delicate stirrer and chunky muddler are both forged from single pieces of stainless steel and left with an easy to clean, tumbled finish.

The Roll
Carefully stitched suede from Deptford’s leather wizard Harry Owen. This simple sleeve with leather strap keeps the blade and tools safely out of harms way between drinking sessions.

*Blade length – 100mm
*Overall length – 190mm
*Blade thickness – 3mm
*Blade Depth – 35mm

*Blade – Stainless 440C
*Spoon – Swedish Stainless steel
*Muddler – Swedish Stainless steel



Damascus Petty

The last, and proportionally least, of Jon’s year long set of pattern welded knives – the Petty. A short but relatively wide blade with a thick spine, noticeable taper and subtle convex grind.

Designed to be nimble in the hand for off board work yet just long enough to deal with all but the largest ingredients. In fact, when planning this last knife of Jon’s ideal set of  four, he felt that what was missing from his own kitchen arsenal was more of a mini-Santoku rather than a traditional Petty.

These knives will come in Jon’s oscillating crushed “W” pattern. It has taken a significant trial and error to get the pattern density on this smaller blade to match its larger companions in the set, but we’re really pleased with the overall result. The blade will be fitted with an end grain stacked handle and a matching Damascus steel ferrule and end cap. 

*Blade length – 115mm
*Overall length – 235mm
*Blade thickness at the spine-3mm

*Blade – 1095 & 15n20
*Handle – Fumed oak and Damascus ferrule


Damascus set Roll

Designed to fit the set of four knives which Jon has been working on this year (or any other four knives of a similar size). This super simple roll is hand stitched from a single piece of jet black, Italian leather. It is tied together with  a Damascus toggle forged with the same crushed “W”  pattern that Jon has been using on both the blades and handles of his knives.