October Special Editions 2021

Nickel Damascus Gyuto

This large general purpose Japanese styled chef knife with a Nickel Damascus pattern has a wide blade with a relatively flat profile on the heel and a gentle curve towards the tip. The textured cladding creates a holographic optical illusion, making the surface look wavy despite being flat- the fancy term for this is chatoyance. To achieve this look Jon used a combination of materials very similar to the one he developed for our recently completed Mega Set: nickel and steel at different thicknesses and varying carbon content. The thicker higher carbon layers towards the edge create a bold pattern that stands out from a distance but as you look closer, the dense thinner layers begin to show the intricate deformations caused by every hammer blow. The thickness at the spine of these knives tapers quickly, going from 6mm thick where it joins the handle to very thin at the tip. This gives some extra weight to the rear of the knife.

Each knife comes with a hand crafted fumed oak sheath.

*Blade length -265mm
*Overall length -390mm
*Blade depth – 60mm
*Thickness at the stamp – 3mm

*Blade – A combination of different carbon steels and pure Nickel
*Handle – Fumed oak, stainless steel, Richlite
*Saya – Fumed oak, Richlite pin