July Special Editions 2024

Slicers and Pasta Makers Kits will be available for purchase on this page today, July 2 at 5pm BST.

Pasta Makers Kit

A three-piece set comprising a Western handle knife, a wheel cutter with three patterned brass wheels, and a textured terracotta ‘cavarola’ board.

Created with the help of pasta maverick @mateo.zielonka, this project was originally inspired by the hand-cut noodles prevalent in Asian cuisine. Learning about the traditional Italian pasta knife, Jon approached Mateo during the design stages with the aim to create the ideal set for making pasta from scratch.

A long blade with a fairly flat edge profile for cutting long noodles and a high grind perfect for going through dough. The full tang handle gives a nice weight and balance to the knife with an ergonomic shape and subtle taper. The blade is forged out of our very own Blenheim Black steel, laminated in-house with a tough cladding and Nickel shim. This was paired with select blocks of Horse Chestnut burl timber.

Wheel Cutter
Hand-forged from stainless steel with a forged finish. The handles have a finger groove inspired by the ‘orecchiette’ pasta shape which makes it easy to guide along the edges of the cut, while the offset wheel supported on one side enables you to see exactly where the cut is going. Supplied with solid brass “rotella” in three patterns: a sharp ‘V’ tooth shape, a smoother ‘S’ wheel, and a more decorative ‘UW’ pattern inspired by traditional Sardinian designs.

Cavarola Board
Handcrafted by @taliadesignermaker, this textured terracotta board is designed for patterning gnocchi, garganelli, and other ridged pastas. Rolling fresh dough over the board will emboss the pasta. The addition of grog to the clay creates a rougher texture, which enhances the pasta’s ability to hold sauce.

*Blade length – 210mm
*Overall length – 335mm
*Blade thickness at the spine – 3.5mm
*Blade Depth – 55mm 

*Blade –  Blenheim Black, Mild, Nickel
*Handle – Horse Chestnut Burr 
*Wheel cutter – stainless, brass
*Board – Terracotta

*Pasta Makers Kit – 450

*Lead time 2-3 weeks.


The third blade in Ricardo’s 2024 Special Collection of knives, the Slicing Knife, features a long, narrow blade that lends itself well to slicing meat and fish. It is also perfect for carving at the table. The blade includes a diamond integral bolster, which is forged using our largest hammer and a closed-die forging technique to create a unique, crisp transition between the blade and the handle.

This distinctive detail offers a comfortable pinch grip and serves as the focal point of the design. From the bolster, the blade is forged using a fullering or rounded die to create a subtle, natural texture across the blade. This texture provides excellent food release, as the uneven surface reduces contact with the food, allowing it to fall away from the blade effortlessly. The blackened finish of the blade is achieved through careful management of temperature and atmospheric conditions during the heat treatment process, resulting in a stealthy appearance with a durable finish that provides good corrosion resistance and easy maintenance.

The handles are made from 5,000-year-old Bog Oak and are shaped with a hexagonal cross-section, following the contours of the blade and bolster. The seamless transition between the timber and steel completes the design, offering a comfortable and secure grip.

The blade is laminated in-house using a traditional Japanese three-layer construction: soft iron cladding with a thin layer of nickel protecting the Blenheim Black core, which provides the cutting edge. Blenheim Black is a special alloy made specifically for us, with a composition similar to the legendary Aogami Super, allowing for easy sharpening to a razor edge with excellent edge retention and wear resistance.

*Blade length – 260mm
*Overall length – 395mm
*Blade thickness at the spine – 3mm
*Blade Depth – 45mm

*Blade – Blenheim Black, Iron and nickel
*Handle – Bog Oak 

*Slicing Knife – £650

*Lead time 2-3 weeks.